Choice Network, a proud 501c3, could not stand tall without you. We are grateful for each and every woman, child, family and donor. Together, we are transforming what the reproductive justice and adoption movement stand for.

So how can you give?

  • Make a Donation

    Many families have given monetary donations to support other adoptive families or just to support our bottom line. No matter the avenue of gifting, your donation will go directly to supporting our mission of welcoming all.

  • Start a Fundraiser

    We have also had families turn their celebrations into Choice Network fundraisers. The more creative the idea, the more pumped we are! Families also host on-line fundraisers. Your fundraiser could literally connect a woman and family. Whatever you decide, we will help make it happen.

  • Send an E-card

    A sibling of an adoptee came up with the idea of a sending an e-card in honor of their birth mom or adoptee. It is a simple way to give, and has a big impact! Consider giving an e-card for a birthday, holiday or just because day!

  • Create a Cause Marketing Campaign

    The coolest way we have been honored is through an adoptive family’s Cause Marketing Campaign. If you haven’t already checked out A Carpenter’s Son, please do! A portion of their proceeds go directly to our families! Are you a business owner? Your company could help too!

Are you ready to give?

To donate via check, mail to: Choice Network at 693 ½ High Street, Suite G, Worthington, Ohio 43085. To donate via credit card, please email Joe at If you are donating through your Cause Marketing Campaign, please note your business name and cause marketing partnership program in the memo line!

Privacy Policy: The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Choice Network as a Section 501(c)(3) charity. Gifts to Choice Network are tax deductible in the U.S.A. Our Federal Tax ID # is 46-4422474.

Transparency. For any initiatives in which proceeds of a sale benefit Choice Network, transparency regarding the percentage or exact dollar amount donated per sale is required in your communications. When you register your cause marketing program, please also include the duration of the campaign and any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount.

Indemnification. Businesses, organizations or individuals that elect to use the Choice Network name, logo or website domain in their cause marketing, fundraising or general promotional efforts agree to indemnify Choice Network against any claims arising from these efforts.

Social media promotion. While we are very appreciative of your work on behalf of Choice Network, Choice Network has no obligation to promote or publicize the cause marketing program via our social media channels.

Thank you in advance for standing tall with us!