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What is Pro Love Adoption?

It's Joni here checking in from Choice Network. Exciting news: our Founder Molly was featured on RH Reality Check. RH is an independent media outlet dedicated to addressing reproductive justice issues. With almost 90,000 followers, their voice and advocacy for women's issues is powerful. RH gave Molly's beautiful story of becoming an adoptive mom a space on their online forum. 87 shares and 550 likes later, I feel like we needed to blog about what the new face of adoption looks like and what Pro Love adoption means.

We get daily questions from people asking what our political beliefs are. We have a successful adoption agency, how can we support a woman who may choose abortion? How can we support a woman who may want to parent her child in poverty or without preparation? Don't we tell these women adoption is best for their child? Don't we tell them abortion is easier? Don't we tell them parenting is joyful? Are we pro choice, pro life, Democratic? Republican? Independent?

What is our answer? We are Pro Love.

What does that mean right? We believe in women.

We believe in their big dreams and goals. We believe unplanned pregnancy does not have to derail or completely stop those big dreams. We believe a woman knows what is right for her and her pregnancy. We believe the women we work with are in the best position to make these big decisions for themselves. We believe in honoring their choices. We believe women deserve support to make these choices without judgment or derision. Different right?

This philosophy comes from a deep belief that adoption is not all about old school closed adoption norms and beliefs. We believe the big picture of adoption is about merging two families. Two families who meet based on mutual hopes for their child and two families who have the courage to create a life long friendship based on respect and mutual admiration. Will they always agree on everything? No. Will there be bumps in the road? Yes. Will they be coparenting a child? No. Pro Love Adoption actually looks a lot more like marriage than the traditional process of birth and welcoming a child into a family. We come together in the beginning in love and hope and we persevere in challenging times for the same reasons.

What this process creates is the beautiful foundation that every child deserves. Every child deserves permission to love their family of origin and have access to information about them and every child deserves safety, stability and love from the family they are raised in. This process starts in love. This is the next generation of open adoption. Pro Love Adoption. Every foundation to every important relationship begins and succeeds with love.

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