Let’s show LGBTQ families some love this Valentine’s Day | Choice Network


Let’s show LGBTQ families some love this Valentine’s Day

Only four percent of adopted children are being raised by LGBT parents.

At Choice Network, we’re proud nearly 25 percent of our families are LGBTQ.

And we’ve set a goal to increase that number to 50 percent.

We believe love makes good families. Not gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. LOVE. Love makes a family.

Whether traditional or non-conforming to historically accepted definitions of family, we accept all people. All pregnant people. All children. All families.

And we fight for all families. We do not shy away from hate. We’re armed with well-documented research, honest stories of our own, and the inherent truth that love makes a family. It’s a part of why Human Rights Campaign gave us Leader in Supporting and Serving LGBTQ Families status.

But this week? This week, we’re not fighting hate. We’re celebrating love. And what better time to do so that Valentine’s Day?

So this week, join us as we celebrate that #LoveMakesAFamily, and honor the many amazing LGBTQ #FamiliesByChoice, and LGBTQ adoptive and waiting parents everywhere. Happy Valentine's Day to ALL families.