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My God Trusts Women

From the heart of our Founder, Molly Rampe Thomas...

On this anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, I feel this overwhelming desire to give homage to my mentors in this work -- to the women who have dedicated their life, their legacy to trusting women. 

Yes, Choice Network is unique (we're next generation in fact!). We are a Pro-Choice adoption agency and when we say we believe in choice we mean it from the depths of our souls. We also have a strong faith. Yes, hear me loud and clear: a rock solid faith. Our bold voice and faith lead us in our passionate pursuit to make this connection between abortion and adoption real. We trust women.

I pray every night for my mentors. I pray for their battles to be fair and their lives safe. Yes, my partners get attacked everyday by incredible untruths. They also get attacked through fear tactics -- many life threatening. To letters passed out to all of their neighbors naming them as killers to daily harassment to threats of violence -- all by people who call themselves Christians. Untruths and tactics that would bring any woman to their knees. But do they stop? No. They will never stop because women need them. I know these women. I see them. I speak to them. I hold their hands. I pray with them. I trust them. We trust them.

Yes, I pray over women. I pray that their hearts can be at peace as their world is rocked. I pray that they can hear God's voice clearly as they make their plan. I use the same Bible verses that my Pro-Life counterparts use but my words fall on them much differently because my God wants joy in their life. My God wants peace in their hearts. My God is not a God of anger or hate or untruths or fear. My God trusts women.

God is for healing, redemption and freedom. Many of the women we serve are in situations that leave them frightened, feeling trapped and sometimes coerced. We come alongside them without judgment, full of grace and mercy, to help them find their voices and take flight. To help them return to the women that they were created by God to be. God said in His Word He sets the captives free and He has a plan and purpose for each of us. We believe that for our women and we trust them. 

One of my friends recently said to me "we are women honey, the strength finds us". And damn, isn't that right?! I am so honored to be doing my small part in this movement. I am honored to say Choice Network is THE next generation of adoption and its foundation is built on the shoulders of warriors -- of my mentors -- with a God Who trusts women standing at my side.