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HB 160: Fighting for fairness

On January 31, Choice Network Founder and CEO Molly Rampe Thomas appeared before the Ohio House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee and gave the following testimony as a proponent of HB 160, the Ohio Fairness Act. 

Good morning Chair Blessing III, Vice Chair Reineke, ranking minority member Clyde, and the members of the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee:

My name is Molly Rampe and I am the founder of Choice Network, an adoption agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. There are an estimated 3,000 adoption agencies in the United States, and my agency is recognized by national leaders as one of only six that are pro-choice. My agency also proudly is a Human Rights Campaign Leader in Supporting and Serving LGBTQ Families. I work in Ohio, live in Ohio, was born and raised in Ohio, went to The Ohio State University, and my children attend Ohio schools. I am all Ohio! And I would like to believe I have made Ohio proud.

My agency, because of the unique place it stands, is working to change the definition of building family in the nation. We are a voice for pregnant people, families, children and choice. We are a voice for equality. You will never see my agency settling, or not fighting, or giving up ground, or questioning what really matters when it comes to fairness and inclusion. I am in support of the legislation, HB 160, being considered here today because it is time to end discrimination in our community. It is time LGBTQ people can safely go to work and live in their homes with their adopted children without fear of being fired or evicted simply because they are gay. Ohio needs to support all families and support includes safety and security in housing and employment. HB 160 is simply the right thing to do. Today I hope Ohio makes me proud.

I want to thank the committee for hearing my testimony and am available if you have any further questions.


Molly Rampe, MSW, LISW-S

Founder and CEO