Welcome Home

Welcome to the The Choice Network Community — you’re at home here. This is a safe space for everyone involved in the adoption process to ask questions, share stories and learn more about this beautiful journey! Whether you’re expecting, or you’re hoping to build your family through adoption, or are years past placement, we encourage you to engage in the conversation to learn more and to gain insight. You are not alone. If you’d like to chat directly with a Choice Network Coach about a private matter, please give us a call at 886.989.1466, or send us an email.

About Choice Network

Choice Network specializes in ensuring there is a process in place for women to create a plan for their unexpected pregnancy and profiling families in a raw, true way. We are also experts in creating powerful open adoptions. We make connections now and forever between expectant mothers and those wishing to adopt. We believe in the beauty of expectant mothers who have chosen adoption selecting the Family by Choice or other waiting family meant for their child, based on love and trust. Choosing Choice Network means you believe in open adoption and a culture of honor between families that creates healthy, happy children. We look forward to coming alongside you as you walk this journey, full of love, support and ongoing relationship, whether you’re choosing to create an adoption plan, or are building your family.

Contact us to chat more about your pregnancy options or to learn more about building your family through open adoption.