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From Coach to Dad: Why open adoption was the right path for Sean

Sean and his son

Sean Huiet is an assistant volleyball coach at Texas State University, and is known to his athletes as ‘Coach.’ When Sean was ready to add the title of ‘Dad’ to his roster, he knew he could turn to Choice Network for help. 

“For me, going through the adoption process for the first time and being a first time dad, I had a million questions. But with Molly, Joni, and Joe at Choice Network, there were no wrong questions. They walked me through every step, every scenario of what could happen during the adoption process, and I felt prepared,” said Sean.

The journey of welcoming a child into your heart and home is never simple – for both the first parent and the adoptive parent(s). Choice Network is committed to ensuring our first parents have peace in their hearts with their decision to pursue open adoption for their child. We work hard to prepare prospective adoptive families so they are educated and aware of the terms of open adoption. Our goal is to help pregnant people feel comfortable knowing their child will be cared for, and know they will be able to have a healthy relationship with the adoptive parents.

Sean didn’t know much about open adoption when he first started the process. He feared how he would tell his child they were adopted, and was concerned his child wouldn’t know their culture, family background and where they came from. But after talking to Choice Network, he knew open adoption was right for him. He wanted his child to know their first mom, their culture, their siblings and how they came to be Sean’s child.

“I am a white male and my son is black. There will be one day that he knows I am not his biological father,” he says, “but he will know his story, who his mom is and why this all happened.”

The research shows us open adoption is the healthiest option for the child, first parents and adoptive parents. Open adoption allows for children to have access to their heritage and culture, have an open and honest relationship with their first parents from the beginning, and fosters trustworthiness and inclusion with their adoptive family.

With every family and first parent we work with, Choice Network provides them with the tools and skills needed to have a healthy open adoption relationship that is beneficial for the child, adoptive family and first parents. For Sean, open adoption opens the lines of communication, allowing him to check in on his son’s first family and for them to know that their child is thriving.

“I care about my son’s first parents and his biological siblings. Choice Network helped me establish a healthy relationship. We connect every few weeks, and I try to help her as much as I can. I want to see her prosper,” said Sean.

Sean’s biggest advice for someone who is pursuing open adoption? Have an open mind.

“To me, I just think it will be awesome for him to know he has a mom, know why she did this. There will be a point for him where he faces that feeling of being unwanted. For me to be able to give him his story, see his mom, I know this will make the process easier on him.”

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