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My God Trusts Women

From the heart of our Founder, Molly Rampe Thomas...

On this anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, I feel this overwhelming desire to give homage to my mentors in this work -- to the women who have dedicated their life, their legacy to trusting women. 

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Making Room: A Birthmother & Adoptive Mother's Story

This season we celebrate a young woman who faced unexpected pregnancy, who overcame much from a place of love to do what was best for her baby. No room for them at the inn, no room for them in society, an unwed pregnant teen gave birth to the One who would change history forever. Out of love she sacrificed. She gave life. She overcame obstacles. She fled unstable, even dangerous circumstances to give her baby a brighter future.

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The Unexpected

'Tis the season of expectation. Of waiting. Of longing. And finally... receiving. It's about giving, thanksgiving and excitement.

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What is Pro Love Adoption?

It's Joni here checking in from Choice Network. Exciting news: our Founder Molly was featured on RH Reality Check. RH is an independent media outlet dedicated to addressing reproductive justice issues. With almost 90,000 followers, their voice and advocacy for women's issues is powerful. RH gave Molly's beautiful story of becoming an adoptive mom a space on their online forum. 87 shares and 550 likes later, I feel like we needed to blog about what the new face of adoption looks like and what Pro Love adoption means.

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