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From Coach to Dad: Why open adoption was the right path for Sean

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Sean Huiet is an assistant volleyball coach at Texas State University, and is known to his athletes as ‘Coach.’ When Sean was ready to add the title of ‘Dad’ to his roster, he knew he could turn to Choice Network for help. 

“For me, going through the adoption process for the first time and being a first time dad, I had a million questions. But with Molly, Joni, and Joe at Choice Network, there were no wrong questions. They walked me through every step, every scenario of what could happen during the adoption process, and I felt prepared,” said Sean.

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Why we need to redefine family

Feminist Theory has challenged the universality of the 1950s definition of "nuclear family". Through hard work and advocacy, Feminist Theory has broadened what "family" means. If you were to ask someone what the word ‘family’ means today, you may get an answer consisting of, "one or two parents of one or more children". But even this definition remains laden with restrictive ideology. How else would we determine what constitutes a family?

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